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Why Choose RKleen

Cleaning Ladies
Cleaning Mirror
Window Cleaning


Clean Stove Hood 

Clean outside on top of refrigerator if possible

Clean outside and polish of all major appliances

Clean outside of microwave

Clean /shine counter tops

Clean top of stove top and burners 

Clean exterior of stove

Spot clean outside of cabinets 

Clean and polish sink & faucet

Vacuum all kitchen rugs 

Remove cob webs and dust all horizontal surfaces.

Clean under all Furniture

Dust all horizontal surfaces

Vacuum & Mop floor

Empty Trash



Clean mirrors

Clean exterior of all vanities

Clean sinks

Clean soap, toothbrush holder

Vacuum/ Mop & sanitize floors

Clean toilet 

Scrub tile walls & tub 

Scrub/Shine glass shower 

Polish faucet, vanity & all bathroom hardware

Remove cob webs & dust all horizontal surfaces.

Clean under all bathroom Furniture

Empty trash and place garbage bag


  Living Areas/ Dining Room

Remove cob webs & dust from ceiling fans

Clean only one sliding glass doors and hand wiped tracks

Dust/clean all Tv’s if reachable.

Clean all glass & mirrors

Vacuum carpet/rugs

Vacuum and mop under furniture

Sweep/Vacuum/Mop tile/ vacuum stairway (if applicable)

Vacuum/Dust mop/Damp Mop wood floors

Dust all horizontal surfaces (high/low)



Make up to 3 beds (provide new/clean sheets if you want bed changed)

Vacuum and mop under beds & furniture

Clean all mirrors

Polish all Dressers

Remove cobwebs, & dust from ceiling fans

Dust all horizontal surfaces

Vacuum/Mop tile 

Vacuum carpet/rugs

Empty Trash and place trash liner

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